产品名称: LSGL系列立式硅藻土过滤机

发布日期: 2017-11-14

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运 用 Application
  ● 饮料业:果蔬汁、茶饮料、啤酒、黄酒、果酒、清酒、葡萄酒、白酒、饮料糖浆等
  The beverage industry: fruits and vegetables juice, tea drinks, beer, yellow wine, ratafia, white liquor, grape wine, drink syrup
  ● 制糖业:果葡糖浆、高果糖浆、葡萄糖浆、蔗糖、甜菜糖、蜂蜜等
  Sugar industry: fruit grape syrup, high fruit syrup, grape syrup, sucrose, beet sugar, honey
  ● 调味品:醋、酱油、味精、料酒、色拉油等
   Seasoning: vinegar, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate
  ● 医药业:口服液、抗生素、寡肽、维生素、合成血浆、中药提取液等
  Pharmaceutical industry: antibiotic, vitamin, synthesis blood plasma, Chinese native medicine extract
  ● 化学制品:石蜡、树脂、无机酸、有机酸、醇、苯、醛、醚等
  Chemical product: resin, inorganic acid, organic acid, alcohol, benzene, aldehyde, ether and so on
  ● 其他:明胶、骨胶、海藻胶、植物油、蜂蜜、淀粉等 北京搬家公司 搬家公司 北京搬家
  Other: gelatin, bone glue, seaweed rubber, vegetable oil, starch and so on
 特 点 Festures 
  ● 机壳密闭、垂直滤叶,结构紧凑,易维修保养。
  Sealed cover,perpendicular fifter Vance,compact structure,few movable parts,convenient to maintenance.
  ● 操作简单方便,清洗、排渣不拆卸,劳动强度低。按控制排渣按钮,排渣口即能自动打开,滤渣便能十分方便自动清除;
  Easy to operate,disassembling is unnecessary when clening and discharging,low labor intensity.
  ● 耐腐蚀性能强,经久耐用,使用寿命长。
  Superior quality of corrosionproof,long-life for use.
  ● 运行平衡,性能可靠,过滤能力高,效果好。
  Stable operation,reliable quality,effective filtering and excellent result.
  ● 生产效率高,消耗低,尤其酒损小。整个过滤过程是在密闭的容器内完成,没有跑、冒、滴、漏等现象。因此,工作环境清洁卫生,不浪费生产原料
  High production efficiency,low energy consumption and little loss of beer,wine etc. 
 过滤原理 Filter principle
  It adopts the way of airtight,pressure,multifilter vane,micro hole filtering to reach ideal separate effect,the principle is in a airtight cabinet,install many stainless steel filter vance to supporting, closing and filtering, filter vance surface covers a filter cloth,according to the precision of filter cloth to filter impurity,pure fluid into filter vance machine,with the function of the paper-plates absorbing and catching,the residue will remain ,and the clean fluids from the filter untis will get together and flow out the machine.
  Moreover,add active carbon of some proportion if discoloration is needed in the filtration course.
 滤 叶
  Strcture:filter mesh is called filter vance because of its vanceshape, with the spacial structure thin filter mesh outside and the supporting mesh inside. Resorting to the frame and other sealed strengthening parts, the meshes are connected and installed on the fluid-flowing pipe in the pump.

  Quality&usage:It’s the only base of supporting and absorbing the auxiliary filter agent of diatomite and it make the fluid flow fluently and effctively. 

 预涂层 Coating Layer
  The coating fluid will gener ate pressure,then flow and circulate when the fifer pump is full ofcoating fluid.The diatomite and its granulated substance in the fluid will be caught by the filter mesh and attached to the surface of the mesh and then form the coating laye (filter layer)起重机 自动旋转门 乳化机 旋转门 乳化泵.

  1)配比:(粗:细)1:1 ;(水:土)(10-15):1
  2)用量 (kg/㎡)1-1.2
  Quantity of consuming the diatomtie and specifcations;
  1)ratio:(coarse:thin) 1:1 (water:diatomite) (10-15):1
  2)Weight(kg/㎡) :1-1.2
  3)Coating filter speed(l/h.㎡):200

型号 过滤 滤叶片数 过滤能力(t/h) 机壳内径(mm) 外形尺寸 最高工作压力(MPa) 整机重量(t)
面积 Dimension
LSGL-3 3 11 2-2.5 500 1800 1000 1630 0.6 1.2
LSGL-5 5 9 3-4 600 2000 1400 2650 0.6 1.5
LSGL-8 8 11 5-7 800 3300 1840 2950 0.6 1.8
LSGL-12 12 11 8-10 1000 3300 2000 3000 0.6 2
LSGL-16 16 15 11-13 1000 3300 2000 3000 0.6 2.1
LSGL-25 25 15 17-20 1200 4800 2950 3800 0.6 2.8
LSGL-30 30 17 21-24 1200 4800 2950 3800 0.6 3
LSGL-40 40 17 28-32 1400 4800 3000 4200 0.6 3.2
LSGL-50 50 19 35-40 1400 4800 3000 4200 0.6 3.6

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